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Get strange with Young Thug and MPA Duke in "With That" Video

Young Thug returns with yet another video for a standout from his under appreciated Barter 6 album, which continues to gain spins months after its initial release. "With That" features everything fans have come to love from Thugga: a warped melodic pattern, wobbly vocals, a unique take on the English language, and an inescapable hook. Of course Thug picks the right beat to slur his verses over, with each 808 hit forcing you to get up and move—totally disregarding the fact that you may or may not understand what exactly is going on at that very moment.  He brings along his friend MPA Duke, who contributes some solid bars as well.

Finally, Young Thug releases a video that is perhaps as strange as the music he creates. "With That" shows the rapper and his posse mobbing in various Atlanta locales, handing out money to those in need and enjoying some liquor. Once the music starts, bodies on camera begin to distort in unnatural ways. At one point, Young Thug has a tiny kernel sized head attached to, what now appears be, a gigantic body. It looks odd, but is still a lot of fun to watch. Check it out above.


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