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Oliver Heldens reveals he's behind HI-LO, launches Heldeep Records

Oliver Heldens helped lead the future-electro-soul takeover that we've seen over the past two years. Infiltrating industry heavyweight labels like Spinnin' Records, he's been instrumental in changing the way dance music fans listen to their music and the level of inventiveness they expect out of their music. With the success of his Heldeep Radio show, it seems he's taken his fervor to create music he loves into a new realm.

We've heard about HI-LO as a mysterious new producer behind the track "Crank It Up" on Mad Decent. A true bass track, it invokes techno and underground influence and brings them into a new place. Today, we found out the artist behind it is Heldens himself:


"I’ve been doing Heldeep Radio over a year now with success and through that I’ve found a lot of new talents. With this new Heldeep label I can give them a bigger platform. It also gives me the opportunity to release more of my own stuff especially with the new HI-LO alias. With this new alias I want to show another side of me. The music which I make under HI-LO is more bassline driven and more ‘underground’. It gives more musical freedom"

With HI-LO out in the open, he's officially debuted the artist as well as his new Heldeep Records as his new venture with a new track entitled "Renegade Mastah." Using that ever present hip hop vocal sample, we get an even deeper dive into percussive techno with huge bass. This might be Helden's new sound, but we're sure it's going to catch on quickly.

Connect with Oliver Heldens:

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