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Troy Samuela unleashes "Trouble", a genre-less percussion beat with infinite complexity

Resident producer of Darker Than Wax label and recent debut on Odesza's Foreign Family Collective Troy Samuela has dropped "Trouble" like a flash lightning storm from the clouds. Featuring relentless percussion resembling vigorous drum and bass rhythm, "Trouble" begins with a choir chorus followed by insane beats. Troy Samuela takes down a series of armed vigilantes with AK-47 rounds matched by complex kicks, double-time 808 sub-bass lines, and sampled vocals from an aggressive neighborhood. If you're ready for a head-to-head brass knuckle fight born from Southern grime, "Trouble" will rob you of every last drop of self control.

Troy Samuela has evolved from an ambient beatmaker to a formidable, teeth-gritting producer. He's capable of melodic originality and testosterone fueled head-banging that will potentially bring him to stage near you. This New Zealand native will continue to rock the future of beat. Until then, let's keep watch.

Future Beat · Hip-Hop · Trap


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