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JackLNDN hits the bulls-eye with "Firing Line"

The UK’s JackLNDN has a reputation for cooking up some delicious and dreamy house tracks. Whether we’re locked in the heat of summer or the dead of winter, his music always seems to suite the season. His latest concoction, called “Firing Line,” strikes me as a warm weather track meant to be enjoyed while doing something cool. Maybe it’s jet-setting, maybe it’s a rooftop party, maybe it’s a private beach party—wherever we are, I’ll take a bottle of your most expensive champagne please.

Leading with a jazzy piano line and backed with the most infectious bubbly bounce, “Firing Line” screams sophistication and good times. Throw in a funky bass line and some snaps and we’ve got vibes for days. So tap into that private stock and thank Nervous Records for releasing this little gem.




"Firing Line"

  • Nervous Records
  • Out now!




Dance · Deep House · House


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