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GUNSHIP's synthy new single "The Mountain" gets reworked by April Towers [Premiere]

Is there anything you can't do within the universe of Grand Theft Auto V?  You can wreak murderous havoc on an unsuspecting population, or just play a quiet round of tennis.  Turns out you can also make an entire music video, using the GTA V video editor, as Gunship proved last month with their visuals for "The Mountain," the first ever official music video made using the game.  Now the band, which includes two members of Fightstar, has enlisted Nottingham-based duo April Towers for a new take on the track.

While Gunship tackled "The Mountain" by climbing it with a muscle-bound determination, April Towers simply float above it all with a romantic synth majesty that would have fit in nicely next to Kavinsky and College on the Drive soundtrack.  Gunship's self-titled album will be out July 24 via INgrooves, and features a variety of guest vocalists, including a surprising contribution from legendary horror director John Carpenter.  Check out April Towers' remix of "The Mountain" below.




"The Mountain" (April Towers remix) [Premiere]

  • INgrooves
  • 'GUNSHIP' out 7/24


Premiere · Synth Pop


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