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Nick Garcia takes you to the dance floor with "Nylah/Koda" [Exclusive Premiere]

If you don't know Night Vision by now, you must be asleep at the wheel. Most of their past releases have featured the best upcoming talent from Western Canada, but with the release of Stereosoul from Washington based musician Nick Garcia, the Edmonton based collective has ventured south to showcase the ever evolving sounds of house music. The result? A smooth blend of colourful sounds known as "Nylah/Koda." Garcia's background is quite extraordinary: his sound stems from his experiences in the Boston scene, as well as his time as an assistant engineer and studio tech for some small time artist named  Sharam.


According to Garcia, the inspiration behind the sounds and ideas originate from "...the contrast between peace and harshness one finds when immersing oneself in non-corporeal conditions." The genius of the track is its subtly; before you know it, you'll be mesmerized by its light and playful nature as you tap your foot and nod your head to the beat. Make sure you give it a listen (Nick and the nice people over at Night Vision were kind enough to give us the exclusive stream) and pick up the project from his Beatport page today. Once you do that, bring those same vibes to the dance floor and enjoy. 



Nick Garcia


  • Night Vision
  • June 22nd, 2015


Dance · Exclusive · House · Premiere


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