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Kevin Knapp's "Not Your House" is our kind of house [Exclusive Premiere]

We all remember those people growing up that were good at everything, the people that we irrationally disliked out of nothing but jealousy. Well in the realms of the music world, Texas born and now Berlin based Kevin Knapp is a man who is a jack of all trades and a master of, well, all of them. When he's not producing records he's playing them to thousands of people, and then once he's freed up some time he's recording vocals for other like minded artists such as Richy Ahmed and Flashmob. It wouldn't be surprising if he painted the EP artwork and manufactured his own headphones.

Released as part of The Heft EP, his first solo appearance on the Jamie Jones and Lee Foss imprint Hot Creations, "Not Your House" is as weighty as the EP title would suggest. Thumping kick drums and a bouncy yet bullish bass line seem to set out with the intent of showing off nightclub and festival sound systems all over the globe. Soon after follows the infectious vocal loop which resonates like a stern rejection from the sort of house party you wouldn't want to miss. By the time the synth keys have sounded, you've snuck in through the back door and started making your way down into the basement for the devastating final collision of the track's elements. It's a monster of a record and you'll be able to purchase yourself a copy from June 29th.





Kevin Knapp

Not Your House

  • Hot Creations
  • 29/06/2015


Exclusive · House · Premiere · Tech House


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Kevin Knapp
6 years ago

Awesome! Thanks for the kind words :) One small note I'm based in Berlin now ;) Have been for 2 years. Otherwise DOPE! Thanks!