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Vuurwerk creates an endless summer out of Balthazar's "Bunker" [Premiere]

With June already whipping by and the warm weather on full blast, it seems like most everyone has slipped into the summer mindset. Earlier in the spring of this year, the Belgian band Balthazar released their album Thin Walls with the first single being the dreamy track "Bunker". A paced composition of male and female vocals and stirring instrumentals, the original transforms into a serious electronic work by way of Vuurwerk's transcendent vision.  The Flemish trio wrap the track in stuttered synth steps and pitched vocals, upping the percussion till the final result sounds like something straight from the pages of The Knife.

In this respect, Vuurwerk imbue their "Bunker" remix with an eerie beauty that cascades across the dance floor like warm summer twilight.



Dance · Electronic · Electronica · Premiere


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