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Animals drop self-titled project hosted by Trackstar the DJ [Download]

GrrrraaawrWoof woofCaw cawHoo hoo hoo hooClippity-Clop.

The Animals are loose! That's right, SoCal's most dynamic hip hop collective just dropped their first project, a self-titled mixtape jam-packed with some serious slappy juice. Hosted by Trackstar the DJ (Run the Jewels), this eclectic assortment of auditory crack rock will have you clawing furniture and swinging from trees within minutes.

The group, composed of seasoned spitters like Wafeek, Steve Spiffler, Sum Difference, K.i.T. and more, put some serious work into this project and MURK every single instrumental on the menu. Production-wise, talented beatsmiths, Jimmy Wigz, Rudeluv, Delorian Royal, and Donato, among others, provide some flow-worthy, head-nodding work on the 1's and 2's.

Peepeth thy game, below:

After dropping a gem like this, the Animals have proven they are a pack/herd/flock/fleet not to be taken lightly. They clearly have the multitude of talent and resources necessary to reach the top and their next project will certainly be a doozy. 

Zookeepers, be on high-alert; hip hop heads, keep Animals on heavy rotation.

Mark's Milkiest: "Smoke Something," "Juan Beeno," "Above the Law"




  • Black Lion
  • June 17, 2015


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