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Cazzette's single "Together (Till The Morning)" stars soccer stars Skilltwins in cinematic take [Video]

Curated by talented individuals of At Night Studios, Cazzette's first single "Together (Till The Morning)" off of their Desserts - EP takes freestyling experts Skilltwins on a black and white escapade. The video features beautifully contrasted backdrops, pans of defined perspiration, and strange spheres traveling through liquid landscapes.

"Together (Till The Morning)" demonstrates another side of Cazzette that differs strongly from the Eject album released last year. With a less of a focus on sensual vocals and traditional pop interpretation of intense electronic drops, Desserts - EP seems to be geared towards bionic voices like in "Sleepless". A pleasant sax intermission bridges us into the second section of the song, easing us into a vibrational chord progression.

Cazzette's album Desserts - EP will be available worldwide on August 14, 2015 on ICONS Music. We'll be looking forward to a lot of bounce and house treats once the time comes around.

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