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PD.KJ and Tate Tucker give us a modern day generation's "Valley of Youth" [Premiere]

Los Angeles has become a hub for experimenting across genres and mixing things that have previously been taboo to dive into. Today I've got something right out of that LA woodwork. The shrouded duo under the moniker PD.KJ hooked up with hometown native Tate Tucker for a dark, quality display of their modern age music style. The haze behind the track's production is a perfect platform for the message to sit on and showcases both act's major talents. 

"Valley of Youth" comes to us in conjunction with Proper Vibes, a D.C-based record label that provides a platform for artists to produce, collaborate, and create. What a perfect place for these two to release a creatively unique take on music and lifestyle in today's younger class. We get a solid forty-five second intro with a slight hint at dubstep (that's right, dubstep), then a progression into drums and Tate's incredible verse. You can tell that the instrumental duo producing the track have a firm grasp on what their style is.

I've followed Tate for a while now, and his growth has been rapid from the beginning days to his now credible status as an experimental musician. Following his exposure to the masses (through YouTube, touring, and World Star), he has taken his style to a new level by returning home and working with producers such as L.A.'s PD to usher in a new wave of collaborations between hip hop and electronic artists. He's versatile, and this adaptive characteristic fits snugly with PD's ability to range across multiple genres.

I'm sure there is more to come from this specific genre within LA, especially with these two acts behind the wheel. Take a listen to the premiere of "Valley of Youth" below:

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PD.KJ (Feat. Tate Tucker)

"Valley of Youth"

  • Proper Vibes
  • June 17


Dubstep · Exclusive · Feature · Hip-Hop · Premiere · Rap


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Kevin James Coleman
5 years ago

Listen to #valleyofyouth a "unique take on today's music and lifestyle" by @YupitsTate @YupitsKJ @YupitsPD http://t.co/hZgCMY5LAf

5 years ago

ooh this shit sexy