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Hostage and Neil Landstrumm show us Modini with "Budgie" [Premiere + Interview]

There’s something to be said about only producing music on 12” vinyl—making something physical—in our day and age of oversaturated “EDM” MP3 downloads. This is exactly what the Scottish producer Alan Parley aka Hostage and techno veteran Neil Landstrumm have done with their two man band, Modini, self described as “two wildebeest pushed to the edge of the precipice of electronic music” on their Scandinavia Works page, producing with old analogue gear in a very colorful studio. Their second EP, Tart, is coming out later this week on Dixon Avenue Basement Jams.


“Budgie,” the first track off of the four-track EP, sets the tone with a powerful and elusive recurring vocal sample simply stating, “Life whispers to you, all the time. Your life is speaking to you, all the time” while a crisp percussion and heady melody build around it. When the warm synths drop in as contrast, it is clear this track is something special, something you could lose yourself in. 

This is definitely one track and EP that cannot be missed. Order your copy when it drops later this week on Dixon Avenue Basement Jams.


We were able to catch up with Alan and Neil this week for a short interview about Modini. Check it out below!

EARMILK: How did you two first meet and what made you decide to make music together?
Modini: We, Neil Landstrumm and Alan Hostage met through a mutual friend by chance - I (Alan) was sitting in a cafe staring blankly out the window after a brutal haircut and they (Neil and Colvin) walked past on a mission for artisan cheese sandwiches. Our mutual status as old wildebeest on the precipice of electronic music decreed that we should unite and create one last anthem before we fall off the cliff into the alligator filled swamp forever. Plus its just simply a lot of fun eating soup and artisan sandwiches and knocking out an EP over a few weeks
EM: Your new EP, ‘Tart,’ will only be available on 12." What was the motivation for this?
M: We decided early on that all our releases would be on vinyl. We like records. If its not on vinyl its not real and will just fade away in the myths of time. A record will still be able to played in 50 years , unlike an mp3 file.
EM: The vocal sample in “Budgie” is one of the most striking features of the whole EP. How did it come about?
M: It's some found audio which resonated with us. You'll never guess who it is , ever and we aren't telling. Found audio seems to be a recurring theme in our productions, along with the 'death and rebirth' of rave and 'Boethius's Wheel'. The best and worst of times are always coming or going as the wheel keeps on turning,
EM: “Cisco” listens as an ode to San Francisco. As a resident of the Bay Area, I loved it. Do you two have any history with the city?
M: I have no history with the city at all. It seems like a nice place. Its Blondie who said it not us.
EM: What can we expect from you guys in the future? Will you be touring as Modini?
M: We have another track on a forthcoming Dixon Avenue Basment Jams All Stars compilation, and a track on a forthcoming Optimo compilation too. Yes - we have our debut live show this week in Edinburgh. Expect more provocative and art image 'WE ***: ' albums on the Modini Facebook page and rolling out more and more music as the project opens up. 'Get the answer right… How do you go to sleep at night'



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