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Angels Dust brings us "Shivers" with their newest track [Video Premiere]

We've got an exciting upcoming release from Angels Dust via HIT + RUN Records as an exclusive today, and this is a bit of a magical one. 

The video for "Shivers" neither boasts an expensive budget nor complicated plotline, but the track itself is absolutely dripping with a certain special je ne sais quoi that we are absolutely falling in love with. The lo-fi sounds mesh perfectly with the vocals, provided by 1/2 of the duo Flavia Ciampi. The production side is perfectly put together by David Lampley, and both deserve to have proper shoutsout on this post. 

Watch the video below. Their upcoming debut EP Slow Tapes, will be out June 22nd digitally, and as cassette and vinyl. Check it below!

ANGELS DUST "Shivers" from Brandy Flower on Vimeo.


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