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EARMILK x Listen Up Spotlight: The Staves [Video]

Here at EARMILK, we are proponents of good music, no matter where it comes from. But it just so happens that much of the music we post - whether indie, dance or hip hop - happens to come from the UK. A few weeks ago, we announced our partnership with British Airways for the celebration of their latest perk for passengers: an in flight music program called Listen Up, featuring exclusive content on all the music and relevant destinations that the UK has to offer. Last week, we took a deeper look at their exploration and promotion of all the good music that the UK, and London, has to offer by releasing a new video profiling many of these artists throughout the London music scene. And this week, we've got a peak into the behind the scenes tour live of London indie trio, The Staves.

Though the word "stave" has a musical connotation (it's another word for stanza, the five-lined visual structure used for traditional composing), their name actually refers to part of their last name: Staveley-Taylor. The three sisters, Emily, Jessica and Camilla, have come to be known for their harmony in singing, performing and songwriting. And with release of their latest album If I Was, they took their folk-channeling talent on an international tour. Along the way, they made a stop in New York City to chat with the folks from Listen Up about their upbringing in the UK and how it fostered their love of music. Check it out below.


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