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R.Lum.R pleads for the truth in "Be Honest" [Premiere]

2015 has been a wonderful year for music. The burst of authenticity and traditional value in each and everyone's repertoire has created a new world where sophistication is welcomed, and shortcuts are frowned upon. Today I am excited to bring you another new artist who sticks to a simplistic mode of production, and a highly complex set of vocal skills. He goes by R.Lum.R, and "Be Honest" is one of my favorites halfway through the new year.

I think R&B/soul pop singles are a rare commodity in my editorials, so when you see one come through the feed you now it's worth a listen. R.Lum.R has a background with producer group EthniKids, who co-produced this one. However, the production on this track is rather simple (in a world where peculiarity seems to reign supreme). I, on the other hand, value this approach because I see the importance being placed on the vocal talent of R. The format is more orchestral than poppy, as he leads his plea for honesty into a clash of noise that sums up the amount of emotion in his words. The stretch of his voice is well done, and showcases the potential of a true professional.

This is a second release for R.Lum.R, so there's not much we know about him at this point. His first drop, "Show Me" can be heard here, and has captured a heaping amount of attention in it's short time in the public eye. Take a listen to his next step below, and sign up for more updates here.


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