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John Newman returns with "Come And Get It"

As frequent readers of this blog can attest, the pop and electronic music coming from the UK is seeing a renaissance. The sort of British invasion we've seen from male vocalists is no exception, with artists like Ed Sheeran and John Newman really standing out. Newman's debut self-titled album saw massive success, selling 900,000 albums which in today's world, is really a lot. Today he's announced his return set for July 17th with the release of his next single entitled "Come And Get It," the first we'll see from his forthcoming sophomore album. 

A funky, excitement and emotionally-fueled pop track, "Come And Get It" poses to be a real anthem, or at the very least a massive radio hit. It's a reminder of how powerful John Newman's vocals can be, and hopefully, a good sign as to what's to come. You can pre-order "Come And Get It" here. 


unnamed-1John Newman
"Come And Get It"
July 17, 2015 Release Date

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