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AYO ALEX lights a candle and shows his sexy side with "Where Are Ü Now" remix [Premiere]

In the animal kingdom, every animal has their own language of love to commence sexy time (saying sexy time probably isn't one of them.) Humpback whales serenade each other with their deep, sexy whale voices. Pandas speak gibberish baby talk to let their lovers know they have a one-way ticket to panda pound-town. Male redback spiders rock their web for a full 100 minutes, or else their female counterpart will bite their head off for not satisfying her sexual-spidey needs. For Texas-based producer AYO ALEX, his sensual love language is a sultry flip of Ember Island's cover of the Jack Ü x Justin Bieber hit "Where Are Ü Now." You can practically feel the steam rise behind the beat as his silhouette appears in the doorway, future bass sounds reverberating from his speakers tantalizing every nerve in your body, ravenous to get into all sorts of strange. It is a new side of AYO we haven't heard and is definitely well received. Take a listen to the track for yourself and cop a free download here


Jack Ü ft. Justin Bieber

Where Are Ü Now - Ember Islands Cover (AYO ϟ ALEX remix)



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