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Josh Butler remixes "Love Life" to honor 15th anniversary of Fatboy Slim album release [Premiere]

I remember the first time I heard Fatboy Slim's "Praise You." I was a pre teen on my way to soccer practice when the quirky, out of the box track made me stop and think, "What is this?" Having no idea the significance of the artist behind the music coming from across the pond, I gave in to my attraction, putting the type of music into the same category as other cheeky UK artists of the time, like Jamiroquai. Then in 2000 came the Christopher Walken toting, TRL chart-topping music video for "Weapon Of Choice." Still, it took me years to understand Fatboy Slim's importance to music, specifically electronic music. I think it came during my first time seeing him live, at Ultra Music Festival in 2011. I thought, "Who is this dude wearing a Hawaiian shirt, cargo shorts and flip flops on stage?" before he totally blew my mind.

Unconsciously, Fatboy Slim has been a continuous influence in my music taste since he hit is prime over in the US in the late 1990s. And it's not just me who he's impacted, but multiple generations of pop, electronic, hip hop and dance music listeners. Through his adoption of the moniker in 1996, the man known to personal friends as Norman Cook has gone through multiple musical monikers and albums throughout his career and throughout house music's formative years in gaining popular attention. But no album was more successful in solidifying his stardom than the 2000 release of Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars. It's been 15 whole years since the album's release, and he's teamed up with the label who supported his albums throughout the years, Skint Records, to properly celebrate the release's milestone. 

Included on the release are the album's original 11 tracks, as well as 11 newly remixed tracks. We see the resurfacing of Lazy Rich's remix of "Weapon Of Choice" updated for 2015, an appearance by The Chemical Brothers and newcomers like Moguai and Autograf as well. We've got a special full listen to a remix from UK tech and deep house artist Josh Butler. After just releasing an EP entitled Feelings this past March and just ahead of some major appearances in Ibiza throughout its peak season, he's made a stop to help honor an innovator in his industry by remixing the track "Love Life." Featuring the original vocals from Macy Gray, Butler has made this one into an ebbing and flowing sunset-style masterpiece that honors house's roots. Its simplicity is addicting. 


  1. Talking Bout My Baby
  2. Star 69
  3. Sunset (Bird Of Prey)
  4. Love Life
  5. Ya Mama
  6. Mad Flava
  7. Retox
  8. Weapon Of Choice
  9. Drop The Hate
  10. Demons
  11. Song For Shelter



  1. Song For Shelter (Chemical Brothers Remix)
  2. Love Life (Josh Butler Remix)
  3. Mad Flava (Autograf Tribute Mix)
  4. Retox (Dave Clarke Remix)
  5. Star 69 (X-Press 2 Wine ‘Em Dine ‘Em Remix)
  6. Weapon Of Choice (Lazy Rich 2015 Remix)
  7. Demons (Stanton Warriors Remix)
  8. Ya Mama (Moguai Remix)
  9. Sunset (Bird Of Prey) (Spieltape Remix)
  10. Drop The Hate (Laid Remix)
  11. Talkin’ Bout My Baby (Midfield General Remix)

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  • Sat 23rd         SOUTHAMPTON, Common People - Tickets


  • Sat 6th           MANCHESTER, Parklife - Tickets


  • Fri 10th          PERTHSHIRE, T In The Park - Tickets


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Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars - 15th Anniversary
June 1, 2015 Release Date
Skint Records / BMG Chrysalis

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