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Put your 'Hands' together for Bells & Whistles' latest EP

San Franciscans, Yanick Rieffel and Zack Yakovlev, began Bells & Whistles in 2008 in an effort to explore and produce the deep end of house music. From their well-traveled Dresscode party and monthly at 222 Hyde to a long string of successful remixes and originals, the duo are steadily climbing their way to the top of the funky underground house movement (or should we say "bottom" because deep). Today marks the release of their latest four-track EP, entitled Hands.

Hands [DH006], releasing off Desert Hearts Records, chronicles their love of sharp hihats, moving basslines, and classic house vocals repurposed and repeated. "Clap It" and "Ask It" both feature similar vocals echoing their respective titles. While the entire EP can sound a bit repetitive, the individual tracks properly showcase the unquestionably talented producers and DJs known as Bells & Whistles. Listen below and be sure to check out Four Sweaters, their latest creative outlet for music and visual art.

Dance · Deep House


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