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Marin's "Day 42" gets the remix treatment from Lehvi [Premiere]

Marin doesn't have very many songs out to the world, so at the moment, each of her songs are a bit of sunshine exposing her artistic vision piece by piece. So far, she's only released vocals that flowed beautifully over legendary Zomby's instrumentals, and a debut single. This time, she's releasing a remix for the world to hear. 

Meshing various influences of R&B, UK dance, and future bass, the piece will make you move in both the body and mind. Marin's vocals fall beautifully within all of this, and everything fits perfectly together like a stunning puzzle. While the song won't be a big player at festivals, this one will be great whenever you're trying to mellow out (but not fall asleep). 

Check out the track below!



Club · Dance · Indie Dance · Premiere


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