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Wolfskind goes deep with Feder's "Goodbye" [Premiere]

Paris-based Producer Hadrien Federiconi aka Feder has found a nice balance between deep house and pop music which has found it's way into the music he puts out. His summer jam "Goodbye" Feat Lyse, plays heavily on the guitar chords while featuring Lyse's almost conversational lyrics, and ultimately creating a world sound that is spreading heavily across the internet and radio alike. 

Today Wolfskind gives his take on the single with an all new remix, and EARMILK readers have the first listen. While maintaining the universal sound palate, which reminds me of being transported to Morocco or half way across the world, Wolfskind turns this one into a perfect late night dance floor groover. Taking it into deeper territories, Wolfskind takes you on a sonic journey from start to finish. Go ahead and give it a spin. 




Goodbye (Wolfskind remix)

  • WBR
  • 20-06-2015


Dance · Deep House · Premiere


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