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Fans of Feist will love her darker pseudo-sister Scam Avenue's song "Mercury" [Premiere]

If you are a fan of Feist's light, ethereal, and bubbly voice, her simple yet catchy melodies, and how they all seem to float through the air, then you'll love Scam Avenue. This Brooklyn trio's sound is diverse, but their single "Mercury," is particularly rich in notes of Fiest's "My Moon My Man." If Feist was the one in family pictures wearing sun dresses and stilettos, Scam Avenue would be the sister in the corner with jet black hair with bangs and long black dress with black pumps. Dark electro pop music is rich in Mercury, the title track off their forthcoming EP Mercury, which is out June 23rd. Driving snare and kick patterns, descending bass synths, and crisp vocals merge together in an intoxicating soundscape that puts a bull horn to our self-conscious thoughts and lets them reverberate through every piercing guitar strum. In conjunction with the singles release, the group is debuting a trippy music video that has a strong stylistic tone, playing on patterns and colors. It is a great representation of the songs hypnotic nature. 

Mercury from Scam Avenue on Vimeo.


Dark Pop · Dreampop · Electro Pop · Pop


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