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Bubonik Funk release the live studio performance of their single "Carolina Phase" [Video]

The Bubonik Funk, a four-piece band from North Carolina, formed nearly eight years ago during sophomore year at a catholic high school. Their sound is balanced, teetering on the border between funk and soul. Their guitar-driven style suites them well, all the while [simultaneously] letting the individualistic nature of each member shine through. And like many bands, a plethora of sources of inspiration (that transcends any one music genre) are present.

Their most recent release "Carolina Phase" is no different. The record is a preview of the type of material to be heard off their upcoming EP, which is due out later this year (a quick turnaround project following last November's album Oddfish, Vol. 1).

Accompanying the audio version of the single is the video below, which serves as an official video of sorts. The visual captures the essence of the song through a live performance staged at Charles Holloman Productions, a recording studio located in their hometown of Charlotte. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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