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Dylan Owen resonates hard in "Best Fears of Our Lives" [Download]

Between the increasingly busier days I've been facing and the longer nights of insomnia, 22-year-old Orange County, NY rapper's lyrics are relating especially hard with me on this morning. The young Dylan Owen relates to the trials and tribulations that every young adult faces, including death, regrets, and love lost. While the topic is bleak, even for a Monday, the young artist's emotion-laden talent bursts through it all, proving that this artist has a lot on his mind. 

Download the "Best Fears of Our Lives" via iTunes. This track is produced by Skinny Atlas, and is the latest single from his upcoming EP. 

Check it out below, this one is definitely worth it!

Dylan Promo 5


3-The Best Fears of Our Lives

Dylan Owen

Best Fears of Our Lives

  • May 11, 2015


Hip-Hop · Premiere · Rap · Rap Rock


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6 years ago

this song is incredible. hits home in so many ways