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Fort Lean keeps it short and sweet in "New Hobbies"

Brooklyn based indie rock band Fort Lean knows how to write a catchy tune. The band gained attention while performing their fetching songs at CMJ 2011. Since then, they've been hard at work putting out new music. Their full-length album Quiet Day, is highly anticipated by fans of the group. So far, they have released the tracks "Cut To The Chase,"I Don't Mind," and "Quiet Day" to the masses.

"New Hobbies" is the groups latest single. The 107 second track hits hard and is full of adrenaline from start to finish. Oddly enough, the song was written by singer Keenan Mitchell after a trip to the dentist. "I started to think about how one careless decision can wreck your whole life, and this song kind of just came out all at once" says Mitchell. Seems like an interesting place to find inspiration. Their album Quiet Day will be available June 23 courtesy of Ooh La La/Caroline Records.

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