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Sail away with Corsica Arts Club's glowing single "Don't You Drift On By" [Premiere]

So many moments are poignant in our mind, forever engraved to revisit when we need a pick me up and a reminder of better times. At the helm of each of those moments is music, which has been the perfect companion to the good, the bad, and the ugly. It's easy to say that this summer, LA based duo Corsica Arts Club music will be the soundtrack to many warm evenings. Their music has a light, dreamy, and euphoric sound to it that transports you to a starlight beach with sand beneath your feet, or a quite road with wind whipping through your hair. It embodies the sounds of Southern California in one effortless strum and reminds you that everything is alright. 

Their latest single "Don't You Drift On By" is one of those tunes that embodies the pains and pleasures of summer love, hands outstretched not wanting it to leave. Staccato melodies carry the verses while grimy guitars and brooding ooh's and aah's underscore the chorus. It is a drop of summer love that we don't want to let slip through our fingers and a late night refresh that will refresh with every static drop. Don't let this band slip by your radar, with constant support from California based radio KCRW, it is without a doubt this band is destined for great things. This single is off their forthcoming debut EP, out June 9th. 


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