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DJ Shadow's new signee, Nite School Klik, induct us into their "Posse" [Download]

What the fuck just happened? Seconds into the track, I already know shit’s about to go down, but it’s not what I expected. I’m met by disturbing, plunging “whoaaa” vocals—and this is how I get sucked into the frenzied warp hole. I feel as though I’ve time-travelled to a dystopian future, but the chaos is beautiful...

Introducing Nite School Klik’s debut single “Posse.” NSK is a mysterious duo, baptized by DJ Shadow’s imprint label, Liquid Amber, as the legend’s new signee. We don’t know who the faces behind this mysterious collaboration are yet, but does it even matter? They demonstrate an avant-garde flair for mingling hip-hop, grime, bass, and trap, and that gets me wildly excited. Look out for their self-titled EP coming out soon!



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