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Oh Wonder continues a streak with "Livewire"

There comes a time when you follow a band (especially as a blogger) and fail to be the only one uncovering the greatness. You've created the hype around them amongst your friends, and then they outgrow you and everyone knows. It's bittersweet, but ultimately you're more than ecstatic for the artists at large.

The same effect has happened with my coverage of Oh Wonder. They've been my favorite to watch in 2014/2015, and it's unbelievable how big they are now. I received the song early this morning, and immediately went to write it up. I clicked on the Soundcloud, and within the first 5 hours of its release, the track had already garnered over 25,000 plays. Apparently these talented artists haven't slowed the snowball effect in any way.

"Livewire" is just as orchestral and sweet as their past drops, but for me serves as a celebration. The band is a hot commodity now, and I don't see that changing for years to come. Oh Wonder has made it clear that they will be back with another jam on June 1, and their debut album is set to release on September 4. 


Indie · New Wave · Soft Rock


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