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Fifty Grand and Padillion electrifies and intensifies Post Malone's "White Iverson" in a new remix

He’s mean, he’s mad raw, and he’s got enough handle on rap beats to make you go dumb. Fifty Grand has shared tracks with Ryan Hemsworth’s label Secret Songs as well as Misogi and Cavalier. Along with funky fresh producer Padillion, who has produced a variety of delightful synth-full and sampled treasures, the two have put a spin on Post Malone’s “White Iverson”.

Post Malone’s voice is saucin’ hard as the two bring his vocals down to earth. We’re experiencing free fall in slow motion while its somber two-step rhythm lulls us into a comfortable calm. Yet, throughout the remix they force us to hold on to our minds by timely dropping electrifying shocks.

Fifty Grand and Padillion morphs “White Iverson” from a brazen seduction into an atmospheric thriller. It’s like choosing between a fight to the death or fight to survive. I’d look into considering those choices as you’re going to have to contemplate them when you take a listen below.


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