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Chelsea Lankes' "Love. Hate. Pain. Killer" is an uplifting beacon of light

At some point in everyones life they have battled with depression and wrestled with God and the Devil in their mind. It is a taboo that our society is afraid to discuss, but desperately needs to be addressed. Depression is normal and part of the ebb and flow of life. We need to talk about it to better the well being of those that may think there is no way to escape the crippling weight of their fears and doubts.

In VICE's new short film Mr. Happy staring Chance The Rapper, they take a dark look into an alternative to these negative thoughts. During the 30 minute film, Chelsea Lankes latest single "Love Hate. Pain. Killer" can be heard. The song is a beautiful glimmering beacon of hope and a narrow light in the dark depths of our mind. Chelsea voices is weightless as it resounds over a minimal audio bed that highlights the singers frail voice. It is a new look for the singer who has had a successful year thus far. If you are ever feeling hopeless and lost and that these thoughts won't disappear but only grow stronger, now that it all goes away with time. This song is the uplifting reminder we all need at times that you are not alone and they we are all trudging the trenches together. 


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