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This "Friday Night/Sunday Morning" you should be sensationally vibing to Maydien

Maydien is a vocalist from Amsterdam who’s been rocking future electronic R&B along with his main producer Mitchell LC Yard. Earlier in the year, Maydien dropped The Hello Soul EP, heavy with hypnotic lulls and flow over technologic sounds of the next world. Now he’s out with a new track called “Friday Night/Sunday Morning”, putting us through an addicting instrumental bass line reminiscent of an evening at the local jazz lounge.

Maydien mixes between smooth vocals and verbalizing rhythm itself, changing halfway through into a dark mood. The bridge transitions into a new scene altogether, introducing new verse. “Friday Night/Sunday Morning” is sultry and ambient, its warmth magnified with the richness of guitar strums and chords. Between rapping and harmonizing, Maydien represents a hybrid of musical influences from Frank Ocean to Black Milk.

Electronic · Future Funk · Hip-Hop · R&B · Soul


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