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Kauf remixes Public Service Broadcasting's "Go!" into an otherworldly dance number

Not only did LA-based musician Kauf have the pleasure of touring with Public Service Broadcasting this Spring, he also remixed their track entitled "Go!", which is a dance number if I've ever heard one. 

"Go!", thanks to Kauf, finds itself filled with disco vibes and synth-heavy soundscapes, accentuated by his own distorted and multi-layered vocals. The track retains the same melodic warmness that was present in the indie-oriented original, but explores new spatial territory that effortlessly translates as extraterrestrial or otherworldly. 

Look out for the digital release on May 11 along with the radio edit of "Go!".

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/203308624"]

Dance · Disco · Electro · Electronic


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6 years ago

Thanks so much @brontejm :]