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Josh Pan reveals himself as "The King" [Download]

After creating the illusion of being a collective of artists, Josh Pan has finally stepped forward, revealing himself as an individual producer and has done so alongside the newest release of his track "The King". While I find simple pleasure in the tagged genres on his SoundCloud uploads, they range from #prius to #tiesto, I can't imagine these songs being more inappropriately, but humorously, categorized.

Josh Pan appears to work in the realm of darkness and it is very evident with this release. "The King" will immerse you into a pitch black space where you have to run your hand constantly against the wall to give yourself hope of finding a way out. But then, as if from nowhere, you're taunted with a hauntingly distorted Lion King sample to play on the rhetoric of the track's title. Maybe I judged too quickly. Maybe this song isn't as depressive as I had assumed, maybe Josh Pan had every intention of toying with our emotions and moving us into this eerie void where we could be left to obsess over the sinister beauty of "The King". Prepare to give yourself over to this twisted track and imbibe in the grimy bass when you have a listen to the song below.

Download the track while it's still available for free here.


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