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Avion heads to the dance floor with 'Crossing 004'

Berlin-based label, Crossing, isn't one for showiness. There's much to learn about the discreet imprint, but for all the loudness lacking in press coverage, its much compensated for when reviewing the catalog content. At only four issues in, Crossing establishes itself as a no-nonsense techno imprint with Avion settled as the main conductor. With IMF affiliate Thomas Hessler inaugurating the label's first remix, Crossing 004 crosses new boundaries that only add to its breadth. 

The essence of "Era" will probably be enjoyed best over quality monitors. Filled with thumping drums and modulated noise components, the "destroying atmosphere" Avion intends on creating is sharply knitted within the track's DNA. Hessler's interpretation of "Era" smoothens out the rough edges of the original and effectively transforms the track into an on-set rush of adrenaline. The drum patterning and increased tempo displayed on Hessler's "Era" sends the vibe to a new direction.

But the biggest contrast comes with closer, "Ink". Meditative and textured, Avion taps into a dubbier state of mind with intensity that thickens 'till the end. 





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