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Colleagues release "Talk It Out" [Premiere]

Based out of Stockholm, Colleagues made a splash last year with the release of their singles "Tears" and "Parents' House". Carrying both catchy melodies and stand out vocals, the two singles proved that with such a bright beginning, anything on the horizon should also shine for the group. With their debut EP Visits due out on June 8th, Colleagues look to further establish themselves as prominent players in the alternative scene. Having already released the slow-paced "Somewhere" off of their debut, we bring you the instantly catchy "Talk It Out".

Built around its uplifting mix of repeating synth beats, "Talk It Out" carries a positive tone throughout. While not venturing far beyond the medium that is set in the songs opening, "Talk It Out" is evidence of what Colleagues can do without altering their to-the-point formula. Having yet to reveal the last two songs of their forthcoming four-song EP, be sure to keep an ear out for Colleagues.

 To listen to more from Colleagues head on over to their SoundCloud.


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