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Kaptain crafts a "Limitless" portrait with Wet Paint and WillDaBeast

San Francisco based artist Kaptain has painted us a fantastic remix of Wet Paint and WillDaBeast's collaborative "Limitless" track. With the heavy bass and horn elements, this edit moves into a whole new realm of electronic funk.

While it holds onto the bones and structure of the original, we're thrown into a whirlwind of new unexplored territory. But it's nothing too unfamiliar, you can see how Kaptain got to this point in his productions by taking a gander at his past productions "For What It's Worth", "Future Back", and "Cosmic Groove" for reference.

Integrate this "Limitless" remix into your week's playlist and get into the groove with Kaptain. Let us know what you think!


Wet Paint (Feat. WillDaBeast)

"Limitless" (Kaptain Remix)


Bass · Electronic · Funk


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