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Chloe Martini remixes "Name & Number" by Shift K3Y [Premiere]

When I listened to Chloe Martini's remix of "Name & Number," by London based artist Shift K3Y, I could see the situation (the one we've all played out before) where you see someone that you just want to reel in, except that they're already there with someone else. You want to take down their number so that look from across the room won't be forgotten, but there's an unfortunate (and obvious) barrier in the way. The sparkly synths, relaxed yet hard-hitting beat and breathy, falsetto vocals only add to this moment. 

This spin reminds me a little bit of old school Justin Timberlake, when he cut off his N'SYNC curls and became sophisticated but it seems that Lewis Jankel has been cool from the start, specializing in what he calls the "subsonic ballad." While new wonder girl Martini is known for her soul-laden voice, intriguing lyrics and deep love for R&B pop stars of the past, it was nice to hear both perspectives on this electronically based track. 













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