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Chance The Rapper Unleashes Remix To Jeremih's "Planes"

Even though Chance The Rapper has been recovering from an ailment yesterday and today, he still found time to drop off a highly anticipated collaboration with fellow Chicago artist Jeremih. "Planes (Remix)" has been teased at a number of live performances, but after the official pop single featuring J.Cole was released, it seemed like this version was never going to see the light of day. Thankfully, Chance and the Social Experiment got a hold of  the copy and let it loose on their Soundcloud.

"Planes (Remix)" is the latest in a long chain of Social Experiment collaborations; additionally, this time around Norwegian producer Lido joins them, on the production side. In true SOX fashion, there is a heavy emphasis on live instrumentation, and Donnie Trumpet's horn adds a beautiful touch to the otherwise graphic song. Chance and Jeremih both contribute excellent verses, the latter's voice is always welcomed. The two seem to be perfectly in sync with one another, with neither completely overshadowing the other.  

Surf and Jeremih's album both need to drop as soon as possible. They have been promised for months, but fans still have not seen any indication to believe they are coming quickly. Hopefully both The Social Experiment and Jeremih decide to go on the surprise release wave and drop when no one is expecting. However, "Planes (Remix)" is a great place holder until we get access to the full projects.

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