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Goshfather & Jinco bring the howling heat with "Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)" remix [Premiere]

Fresh off their headlining trip to EDC Mexico, LA-based trap-influenced duo Goshfather & Jinco are back with a remix of AWOLNATION's incredibly badass tune "Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)". If you've heard the original, you'll definitely notice the primary overtones in the remix; the chorus is given a bit more hype, while the verses are layered a bit heavier and given more hard-hitting oomph. With ample use of delay drops, trap-style white noise risers, and the cleanest claps and snaps you've heard this year, Goshfather & Jinco have turned a powerhouse original into the heaviest trap bass monstrosity since Party Thieve and ATLiens"Chief" (play them side-by-side; they go quite well together).

It's always a pleasure hearing from G&J and today was no exception. After a heavy back-to-back double weekend at Coachella, we're happy to continue presenting only the best of what the world has to offer. You can download the Goshfather & Jinco remix of AWOLNATION's "Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)" for free, and be sure to keep your eye on this incredibly talented duo.

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