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Color Station introduces us to Kuro BC and his "Rooms"

This week we were treated to the second track from London based Kuro BC as "Rooms". While Kuro BC is fairly new as this project, he makes his debut with the Color Station label where we can expect to see him release his EP Artifice on May 12th

"Rooms" holds us at an arms distance as the 24 year old producer tests the terrain of the track, but once things kick off, there's no turning back. The throbbing synth work, accompanied by the flawless percussion, keeps us in a chilled space while the vocals lead us from each section of the track to the next. "Rooms" moves fluidly from start to finish and it's strangely great. Give the track a listen below and welcome Kuro BC to the scene!

Pre-order the Artifice EP on iTunes here.


Downtempo · Electronic


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