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Mikey Mike feels the struggles of acceptance on "Cut My Hair" [Video]

 To call Los Angeles newcomer Mikey Mike an eccentric personality would be an understatement. He's fooled A&R's into thinking he was a female porn star; of course, he did the next natural thing and used that opportunity as leverage to produce for Rihanna on her Unapologetic album. His most recent activity had him plastering the streets of LA asking people to be his friend. Whether this was a thinly veiled marketing attempt or not, there's a nugget of truth within this message. "Cut My Hair," Mike's latest effort, comes across as an honest attempt at connecting with people who have so jaded with their existence (it probably doesn't help that he picked an area in which egos run rampant.)     

As someone who struggles with meeting new people, I found myself enamoured by this track. With it's nodes of grunge paired with a bright piano on the hook, "Cut My Hair" advocates something we all want: acceptance, even if it's at the cost of altering one's appearance. Watch the video above and stop being so wrapped up in your own exploits for once.



Mikey Mike

"Cut My Hair"

  • April 13th, 2015



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