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Mai Kino's "Burn" is a hauntingly beautiful journey of vulnerability

There are those songs that you hear and discover this one moment suspended within the track that you know you just found your new jam. For me, it was within the first ten to fifteen seconds of Mai Kino’s track “Burn.” The first ten seconds are filled with high-pitched drones and one breathy vocal not elongated over the duration. Suddenly the notes dissipate, leaving Mai’s fragile vocals at the center of the production, shimmering through the dank and desolate atmosphere the melody resonates – utter beauty and flawless execution. Beautiful instrumentation compliments the tracks ethereal vibe without being overpowering. The overall production of this record is hypnotic and compelling, leading you on this vulnerable journey alongside Mai. Burn is the first single from her sessions with renowned producer Luke (Depeche Mode and Foals), which will be released on May 20th via Eclectic London stable Bad.


Dark Pop · Electro Pop · Hiptronica · Indie · Pop


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