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Mr Mini has a lot of "Prime Minister Questions" [Video Premiere]

Elections are coming up for our friends across the Atlantic, and considering all of the things happening in the world right now, more and more millenials are taking elections pretty seriously. 

Mr Mini has taken some of his concerns and shifted them into music form, and we're loving every moment of it. What results is "Prime Minister Questions," a piece that throw questions about the economy, inner-city youth, and general distrust of government and its' people.

Even though the track is centered on the UK elections, this will definitely resonate with many across the globe. The heavy lyrics are combined with oddly funky production, and the result brings light humor to dark subjects. 

For any political science-majored readers that also dig music are reading this, you're going to love this track. Check it out below; the EP will be out around the same time as the elections in May.


Hip-Hop · Premiere · Rap


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