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Young Empires impress with anthemic new single "The Gates"

Canadian indie rockers Young Empires continue unleashing impressive new material with "The Gates", a powerful and uplifting dance anthem that is currently tearing up the Canadian charts.  The track is anchored by Matthew Vlahovich's emotive vocals, which rise and fall (and occasionally crack under pressure giving them more character) with the band's bumping multi-faceted dance-rock production as he sings, "I can feel it in my bones, every time I think of home, it still haunts me like a ghost, but I know we're not alone."  His backing vocals provide an extra umph too from the minute the track starts.  

Young Empires are ramping up for international touring this summer and we can't wait to hear this stadium (or big room) smasher live in person.  Until then, we can reflect on the infectious and uplifting pop-rock Young Empires keeps dishing out.  Their sophomore album is due out later in 2015 on Votiv Music.

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Young Empires

The Gates

  • Votiv Music
  • 2015-04-03


Dance · Indie · Rock


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