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Masego and Medasin deliver the soul and groove on "Girls That Dance"

As the first single off their upcoming EP The Pink Polo, “Girls That Dance” moves future sound forward with a blend of sexy jazz and riveting synth lines. Starting off with an elegant and soft chord introduction, the bass line slides in, accompanied by Masego’s passionate vocal score. His various vocal tones capture the spiritual quality of jazz music , tossing in some doo wops and syllabic beats to create a journey full of good energy. “Girls That Dance” is a beautiful mixture of Masego’s “arbitrary sax” solos, which by the way are of his own performance, and Medasin’s hyphy and explosive beats.

Masego is from Kingston, Jamaica, who’s repertoire of synth, trap, and saxophone makes up his term “Trap House Jazz”. His two video series Arbitrary Sax and Sample Hunters feeds his creative aspiration and captures his vibrant personality. Collaboration partner Medasin hails from Dallas, Texas, bringing a sound reminiscent of mellow 90s PC games, sexy synth arpeggios, and seductive, trap-inspired R&B. Medasin uses hints of the hype trap sound similar to the way Great Dane and Mr. Carmack have caused testosterone fueled riots, but his handle on future synth has so much sex appeal, it’ll kill your boy’s game.

The two are part of Film Noir, a record label and platform founded this year by beat producers Oshi, BNJMN and Krs. Masego and Medasin are out to cure the sickness with their new EP. “Girls That Dance” is humorous and fun to listen to. It’s got that Sunday morning choir soul everyone needs in life, and the last verse will get you to smile. So please, take a listen below.


Dance · Future Beat · Jazz · Jazz Hop


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