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Branko's beautiful track "Eventually" finally sees release

When I found Buraka Som Sistema and Branko on soundcloud a couple years back, I immediately felt cool for being the girl that was listening to something no one else was, at least in my hip hop social circle. I've since been following the Portugal-based producer and DJ's work pretty fervently since then, and he's never once disappointed. In fact, he's been blowing my mind with each and every track he's released since then. 

Now admittedly, the original came out through Red Bull Music Academy a couple months back, but this track is the kickoff to his debut album Atlas, which we've been excited for a minute about. "Eventually," is a stunning piece and definitely the sort of dance track fit for those looking for something slightly sophisticated. With Bison's beautiful co-production and Alex Rita's alluring voice just adding that special touch, this one is absolutely unstoppable. 

Make sure to check out both the original and remixed version by Tony Quattro below. 


Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 22.54.10

Branko, Alex Rita, Bison


  • Enchufada
  • April 6, 2015


Club · Dance · Tribal


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