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Point Point's 'Filet Mignon Vol. III' out now, diversifying the sound of the future

Now that the third Filet Mignon compilation is out, every need to explore the facets of forward-thinking future music of 2015 will be satisfied. Qualms against the progressive nature of electronic music will be washed away once you run through this volume, especially since it has been carefully curated by Point Point, a team of four Parisian producers who believe in the diversification of future beat.

When the team dropped the first track of the release a couple weeks ago, it revealed that the album would not be about hype material, but instead a volume of future soundscapes that travel through different parts of the world. At one point in the compilation, one traverses a forbidden forest looking for amethysts and emeralds hidden in the earth (Andrea’s “Echoes”) and at another, Nicolas Cage is the guide of an epic hieroglyphic escapade through a pharaoh’s tomb (Devoted to God’s “Treize Mille Cinq Cent”). The compilation has instances of synthetic cow-bells, sirens and alarms, swerving like a psychopath in an 8 bit rendering of traffic, and pastel pink Barbie magic with raining pizza, hot dog, pretzels, milkshakes, and sundaes. There’s a little taste of Tinashe and Earl Sweatshirt too.

Supported by Skrillex at Ultra Music Festival Miami 2015, LH4L’s “Neoprene” is intensified booty bounce, where girls wearing grass skirts and coconut bras hula their way across the front stage. It features persistent percussion and most importantly, hip shaking bass. Dutch producer San Holo can do no wrong with “BWU”, an incredibly captivating future beat track that takes all emotional attachment to a special someone and turns it into a long distance relationship. As if twisting in sunlight, experiencing a tingly sensation and happiness that is given by the soft touch of cherry blossoms and a warm summer sun, “Kimono” is appropriately named because of its airy and free qualities.

“2000 Blades” is at first ethereal, then gets into throwing heavy bass punches similar to a combination of moombahton and trance. Just imagine it’s a Street Fighter V battle in an emulated high tech craft hangar. "Angel Collapse" is very atmospheric and out of this world, and as an adaptation of Nicolas Jaar’s hashtag "deep dark jungle disco sex", it would be perfect if one is to ever ponder the mysteries of life in total darkness and daydream. With the same ambiance as a spoken word and poetry show, "Universe" uses pauses and silences to accentuate slow synth lines, snaps, claps, and chimes, like how a loose faucet occasionally drips into a pool of water, letting that drop echo throughout the room.

25 tracks make up a marvelous conglomeration of unique talent with a span that not only sonically touches upon multiple personalities and cultures, but is unified under the sound of the future. Listen to Filet Mignon Vol. III in all its entirety here. Oh, and if you're in Paris, catch them at their release party on April 11th.



Point Point

Filet Mignon Vol. III

  • Record Record
  • March 31, 2015



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