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Alice On The Roof's debut "Easy Come Easy Go" gets a remix from Pat Lok

Alice on the Roof recently debuted her first EP, Easy Come Easy Go, via her SoundCloud page over the past month. Her vocals range from being soothing to powerful across the cinematic five-track EP, culminating in its iTunes release this week. 

The last track on Easy Come Easy Go features an appearance from Pat Lok. The Vancouver producer has been on our viral radar for some time as a big up and coming name in the indie dance scene, and has joined Alice on the Roof to remix her first single, "Easy Come Easy Go." Lok has brought some excitingly unusual beats and style to the track, sampling the original vocals slightly to only help accent them. There is something slightly UK pop about this one in ts happy go lucky feel, perfect for a newly spring day.

Alice on the Roof
Easy Come Easy Go
Label et Label
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Dance · Indie Dance · Nu-disco


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