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Love Taps give the D'Angelo classic "Devil's Pie" a modern house makeover [Download]

Some of us would like to believe the best music of the internet is hiding somewhere in the depths like a gem at the bottom of the ocean. Not everyone has millions of soundcloud followers and not all artists capitalize on the algorithms of Facebook with constant meme posting. Love Taps is a Brooklyn based underground duo that has been gaining much mainstream support without compromising their elusive nature. Very recently, the duo released a groovy official Main Course remix, had a track supported on Diplo & Friends, and a slew of blog attention in a relatively short amount of time out in the public eye.

Love Taps' remix of D'Angelo's classic R&B tune "Devil's Pie" is a far throw from the original soundscape but maintains the undeniably catchy vocal hooks. While "Devil's Pie" in it's first rendition is a slow grooving jam, Love Taps takes it up a notch with a faster tempo, reconstructed and beefier house-style drums and an ingenius layering of techno inspired basslines and trippy lead synths.

Don't sleep on the free download, you never know when you'll need a slice of the Devil's Pie.

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