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Take off with Ben Khan's "Zenith"

UK’s mysterious Ben Khan moved back into the limelight when he released “1000,” the title track of his upcoming EP, due May 11 on his own label Blessed Vice. Now, he offers us another exciting preview with “Zenith.” Khan’s tender pop vocals over funk-laced guitar riffs and gritty synths equal magic—these are the refreshing rhythms we need more of.

In correspondence with The FADER, he explained that the song is about, “A superhero [who] goes to die by lying on the sun. Ashamed of what he has done, he begs his love for forgiveness so he can return. But his fate is sealed, and he slowly burns to death. What he has done is not to be made clear. The term ‘Zenith’ can be used to describe the highest point of ones success. But in this story, the Zenith reached is the astrological point where he meets his demise on the sun.”

Pre-order Ben Khan’s 1000 EP here.

If you’re in Europe, he just embarked on tour, so look out for him in your town! Grab tickets here.

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Ben Khan


  • Blessed Vice
  • May 11







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